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Demand that Theresa May step down as UK prime minister with Immediate effect.

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Prime Minister Theresa May

we the Majority who voted for you to leave office demand that you honor the popular vote of the 2017 General election You have lost the confidence of the UK Public and your place as Prime Minister is untenable. 

Point one you were NEVER elected by the UK public to be Prime Minister in the first place, so your arrogance in remaining in office is immoral and unjust. 

accept that you were defeated in the 2017 general election, resign as Prime Minister and Call another General election, it is the right and fair thing to do.

You Made no mention in your Manifesto about the MURDER of thousands of the UK disabled, or what you will do to bring this Mass murder to a swift end, your party has all but destroyed our once world class NHS, you used the Terrorist attacks during the election campaign to score political points, our Country is in three times more debt since Cameron Conned his way into Downing street, than any other Government put together in history, yet your party demanded that we Plebs tighten our belts, so who is going to repay the £trillions your despicable party have borrowed, and where did even one TORY MP tighten their belts over the past 7 years?? had you not muddled your way to 21 gains in Scotland you would not now be in Downing street. your position as PM is untenable and totally unjustified and you seriously need to do the right thing for the UK and RESIGN with immediate effect. 


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