We Support SSM School. Save SSM Children

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Dear Sir & Whom it may concern,

We are proud parents of SSM School till now and there had been no misinterpretation between the school management and parents, especially with correspondent sir Mr. Santhanam.

We wish to bring to your notice that thousands of parents have faith and trust on SSM school. We trust SSM School management and our correspondent sir for providing quality education, high moral values with world-class comforts. Our children really enjoy luxurious, educative infrastructure with a bigger staff:children ratio. This school cant be compared to any other school in our area, for the fee that we pay.

We strongly request for the SSM school management to be continued under his guidance.

We sincerely request to void the complaint/case raised against school/management/correspondent.
What is spread in the media is over exaggerated and not completely true.

Please see few comments of whole parents:

  • We know the difference between Caution Deposit and DONATION.
  • We belong to SSM Family. Media & Press Go Away. Dont create bad impression on our school.
  • Our children are important to us. SSM is important for our children.
  • We are against media and political forces intervention
  • We always stand by the school and the management.

SSM school Parents.



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