We Support Nurses Who Are Calling for a Union for Safe, Quality Care at UW Health

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EXCITING UPDATE! Be sure to share our petition far & wide!

Thanks to your support, nurses have a very exciting update and also urgently need your continuing help! Recently, Governor Evers sent a formal request to the Wisconsin Attorney General asking for an opinion to determine that UW Health can voluntarily recognize the nurses union.  An opinion from the Attorney General would completely knock out UW Health’s false argument that they’re prohibited from recognizing their union. No more hiding behind Act 10!  It's vital that we, the community who gets care from dedicated UW nurses, show a groundswell of support for them in this critical moment. Please share the petition on your social media and urge all your family, friends and coworkers to sign. Here’s some suggested language below for your social media post, but please feel free to personalize it. For more info or to get involved, you can email UWHealthNursesUnited@seiuhcwi.org. Join me in supporting @UWHealth nurses who are calling for a union so they can advocate for themselves and our community! Executives refuse to recognize their union even as nurses struggle with dangerous understaffing, turnover, exhaustion and trauma. The UW Health Board and administration must recognize their union NOW so they can solve this growing crisis and ensure safe, quality patient care. Sign the community support petition today: Change.org/supportUWnurses #UnionVoiceAtUWHealth

Kim Herman
3 months ago