Petition Update

Sorry But...


Sep 24, 2012 — OK, there is a big uproar on the first email I had sent out to people. I just want to clarify somethings first. I have may given a false idea that I wanted peoples info to "Promote" another program. This is not true, I wanted to develop a are on the web were people can share and help each other out in the time of loss. So I apologize for the misunderstanding on this. And second a lot of people are mad asking how I can say the SEC has won. Well for one it is obvious Zeek is not coming back and that the company as a whole is no more. On that not this big legal battle with the SEC is having issues of it's own so this is where I draw my own opinion on that comment. So again I meant no harm or to "promote" a program of my own as it might have sounded so. I am sorry and those who understand Thank You. - Jesse