Shared pathway throughout Bolwarra & Largs region for a safe connected community.

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We request that Maitland council prioritize SAFETY in our community with the installation of pedestrian crossings, traffic lights and a cycle/pedestrian network in the Bolwarra/Largs region.

Residential growth and mining industry expansion has led to an increased amount of traffic through out Bolwarra.  The area sees high density traffic daily with several hundred mining, and industry trucks and 1000’s of commuters.  Bolwarra Public school has a school building upgrade and large residential developments also going ahead the area is busy and booming!  

However the residents in the older areas of Bolwarra and Largs are feeling unsafe.  With no footpaths in several areas, dog walkers, parents with prams, joggers, school kids, pre-schoolers and the elderly are walking directly on the road.  There are 6 families in Canna street alone who drive their children to Bolwarra school and Tillys early learning centre which is less than 500 metres away. The main reason is that they just don’t feel safe crossing Paterson road!

Their comments:

“I am too scared to cross that (Paterson) road let alone let my kids do it alone” 

“I drive everywhere. I have lived here 10 years, I have never walked the children to school”. 

“It’s just not safe”.

There are 2 foot paths in Bolwarra. One runs 100 metres either side of Bolwarra public school (416 children) the other 100 meters between Westbourne road and Bayside road which is on the opposite side to Mother goose Day nursery (56 children).  There is no footpath to the new Tillys play and development centre (220 children) or to the Bolwarra sports reserve, Bolwarra wetlands reserve and play ground. This means that the only choice is commuting by car or walking on the road. The nature strips are uneven and bindii weed infested, which makes pram use, dog walking and elderly access difficult.   It is a similar situation in Largs.  

Long term residents of Canna Street, Bolwarra (Diane & Colin Grime and Peter Kingsley 20 years). Say that there has been no improvement to the existing infrastructure of Bolwarra footpaths since they moved here.  They talk about the forest and fields that used to surround the area.  Now the only non-residential land left is zoned as flood plains.  Bolwarra and Largs are now densely populated and no longer considered rural.  New communities and sub-suburbs are being developed.  The footpaths that are laid in these communities do not extend past their boundaries.  There are no pedestrian paths to connect the new communities to nearby sports grounds, playgrounds, schools or childcare centres. They are satellite communities only linked by road.

This petition is asking council to roll out a network of cycle/footpaths to connect and improve our vibrant communities and keep our pedestrians SAFE and off the road.

Thank you for signing this petition


Camille Adams, Local resident, bike rider, pram pusher, community go getter!