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Let's save the French program

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Students of Penn State Behrend would like to express their concern over the uncertain future of the French program.

We students firmly believe that learning global languages fosters a community of cultural awareness and understanding that not only contributes to our campus, but our nation and the world. It is our responsibility as future community leaders to count with the necessary tools to promote diversity, culture and bilingualism which enhances our ability as Americans or global citizens to join a well trained global workforce; therefore being more qualified for a globalized world.

We call upon the administration to recognize the importance of global languages to the future of Behrend's students and to do so by supporting a tenure track line in French. Maintaining high quality instruction after the retirement of Dr. Wolfe, our current French professor, with the hope of eventually making a French minor a possibility at Behrend, will provide our students with a high level of spoken and written proficiency and ultimately make us more competitive in a changing world.

Student voices, in every language, matter.


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