We strongly ask the Abe Administration to discard the Japanese security law that threatens world peace and once again pledge an oath of peace.

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We strongly ask the Abe Administration to discard the Japanese security law that threatens world peace and once again pledge an oath of peace.

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Hishida Nobuhiro started this petition to LDP Headquarters and

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I am a second-year university student involved in political activities.

Currently, the Japanese anti-war movement is quivering and world peace is being threatened so I began this signature-collecting campaign to confront the situation.

After World War II, 70 years ago, Japan established Article 9 in its Constitution, which states a banning of overseas military activities, and as a pledge to the world that it would never engage in war again. Under the oath, Japan has not produced a single death or casualty in war, whether they are Japanese or non-Japanese, due to the ceaseless efforts of Japanese people. Even following the war, Japan has continued to be a model of a peaceful nation despite the pressure of resolving conflicts in the world with arms.

However, the security law, which breaks the oath of peace, is going to be approved next month by the LDP administration under the leadership of Prime Minister Abe. 

The Japanese Constitution, only in case Japan is directly attacked militarily, recognizes the necessary minimal military use by the self-defense forces for the protection of the nation. This is because the self-defense forces exist only for defense policy. Nevertheless, the security law allows for active participation by the self-defense forces in a military conflict, even if Japan is not directly attacked, in case an ally of Japan is attacked. That is clearly a violation of the Constitution and against the oath of peace.

Sixty percent of Japanese citizens are against the security law and 104 out of 122 constitutional experts have declared it to be unconstitutional. Nonetheless, the Abe administration ignored the will of the people and steamrollered the bill in the House of Representatives last month. We are continuing to fight now to have the security law scrapped in the House of Councillors by next month. 

There are those that feel that the security law is needed to maintain peace. However, how can people, who arm themselves with deadly weapons, persuade you about being peaceful? Men have repeatedly engaged in war, in the name of peace, and have generated countless negative legacies. Being on the receiving end of a tragic history, we should know that diplomacy, not war, and dialogue, not weapons, is the real method for peacefully resolving conflicts.

None of the members of the Japanese self-defense forces want to go into a battle overseas. They feel pride solely in protecting Japan exclusively. However, would the fathers and mothers who raised them joyfully send their children into a battlefield if they could actively engage in military activities overseas under the law and were able to kill? Moreover, administrations that ignore the will of the people may pull ordinary young people into a battlefield because of lack of troops since the scope of self-defense activities will expand onto a world scale. The victims would be the children now and the future unborn babies. Clear eyes, small hands, feet that can finally walk and that adorable voice screaming “I love you, mommy and daddy”… They may all become a tool of war. In this case, the mothers of these children will be forced to endure more pain than death.

In order to stop this, at all cost, child-raising father/mothers and students/youth in Japan continue to go out there everyday and night to demonstrate against the security law (refer to the bottom two links).

At the same time that Japan has made tremendous contributions to the world as a peaceful nation over the past 70 years, the negative effects toward the world of Japan by holding this blade are immeasurable. If the Japanese self-defense forces are allowed to be actively involved in military activities with our allies around the world, Japan may become involved in a war with your country. I want you to know that the security law is a problem that directly affects your country and way of life in addition to Japan’s.

That is why your vote is very important. You must not forget that your vote is the first step to scrapping the security law and contributing to world peace.

I beseech the Abe administration and every member of the DIET to discard the security law in the House of Councillors by next month and for Japan to pledge an oath of peace for peace in Asia and the world.



Child-raising father/mother movement

Student/youth movement

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This petition had 2,445 supporters