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Tell the UN and Uganda that Refugees are not a business deal

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Refugee Leaders in Uganda and other Civil Society Organizations Position Letter about the Uganda-UN Refugee Solidarity Summit to the Prime Minister of Uganda, the United Nations General Secretary, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the Donor Community, the Development Partners, the Civil Society Organizations, the Press and Media and all People of Good will, 

We Refugee the leaders of Refugee Led Organizations mainly Foundation People for Peace and Defense of Human Rights, African Youth For Peace and Development, South Sudan Christian Community Agency, and International Youth for Africa, Conscious of our responsibility before God and before the History to ensure the well-being and defending the interests of Refugees in Uganda, Victims and witnesses of the degradation the refugee life and massive violations of refugee rights in Uganda currently,

We are standing up to make our aspirations clear which constitute our position and concerns about the situation of refugees in Uganda as both the Government of Uganda and the United Nations embark on this great project of raising funds in the name of helping refugees in Uganda. We strongly welcome the spirit which led the Government of Uganda and the United Nations to organize such a big Summit for refugees in Uganda and especially focusing on refugees here in Uganda,

However we are so concerned that this initiative is so much selective and only limited to refugees in Uganda despite the fact refugees are being hosted by many countries in the world and therefore we need a common global approach for all refugees.  We strong oppose this policy of slicing refugees which is common to the Government of Uganda where even here at National and local Levels refugees are divided into sections and interventions are based on those divisions which have seriously affected the solidarity and unity among refugees,

We are so disappointed and through this letter we would like to show our disapproval that such event for refugees in Uganda is being organized without the participation of refugees at all levels. Only few selected refugees have been called just to watch what is happening but have no opportunities either to influence the decisions or the space where their voices can count,“whatever you do for them, without them you do it against them”.

We strongly appeal to all the actors above mentioned that responses towards refugee issues in Uganda cannot be addressed in isolation from the causes why we are refugees and which are partly attributed to both Uganda’s Political and Military interventions in internal politics of some countries in the region and because of that, a holistic approach is much needed and yet this has not appeared anywhere in all the discussions and the Concept Note of this Summit which has been officially published by both the United Nations and the Government of Uganda,

We also get this opportunity to recall and remind all actors that the current unbearable and unacceptable degradation of the situation of refugees in Uganda is not only limited to the lack of necessary funding as claimed by the drivers of this Summit in their Concept Note, but it is also partly attributed to poor management of the available funding, the unfair distributions of the available funding between all humanitarian actors and the refugees, the priorities in which often time the priorities of refugees are not necessary the priorities of humanitarian agencies and partly also the visible lack of political will to work towards the well-being of all refugees which is manifested in exploitive and oppressive operational and administrative policies. It is our big concern and surprise that the issues affecting refugees at the community levels are not so much reflective in the Concept Note of this Summit,

It is true that Uganda is among the leading countries which host a large number of refugees across the world currently and that Uganda has a progressive national policy on refugees, let us remind all actors as per now that there is a big gap between that policy and the situation of refugees at the community levels which the funding this Summit is looking for will not address. On the other way, opening the borders for refugees to enter Uganda is one thing and this is not only unique for Uganda in the region but ensuring that refugees are responded to in dignity and respect is another thing which Uganda has not yet done,

We are so much concerned that the Uganda – UN Refugee Solidarity Summit may turn up as a mere opportunity for the Government of Uganda and the Humanitarian Agencies to milk funding from the coffins of the International and National Communities in the disguise of helping refugees in Uganda, the misery and the plight of refugees which are deliberately created and well maintained by human beings may risk to be exploited for the interests of the few within the refugee regime here in Uganda,

Basing on the above mentioned, we the concerned refugees leaders in Uganda, get this opportunity to engage all including refugees on the expected outcome of this Summit and low down our expectations through the following:

We pledge our determination to engage everyone including refugees on these ideas and seek the support of all those who wish to stand with us and to ensure that the Uganda- UN Refugee Solidarity is more meaningful and leaves impact to refugees in Uganda now and in the future.

We shall use all legal possible means to lobby and advocate to all both the delegates to ensure that their presence in Uganda is not only a mere tourist venture.

We are calling upon the media and press both local and international to offer us free spaces and opportunities to air out our concerned to all those who support refugees and to the whole world,

Done in Kampala

May 31st, 2017

We the Refugee Leaders in Uganda, our supporters and people of good will


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Foundation People for Peace and Defense of Human Rights

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World Council on Peace and Hope ( USA)

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Emmanuel Muhima
Kigobe Saving Group
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Maria Mama Choir
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Etienne BasirwaChifizi
Association Refugee Elderly Persons in Uganda (AREPU)
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Association of French Club in Uganda
+256 781 295 514
Rigobert. M Bahati
Global Movement for Children Africa (GMC)

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Daniel Emasit
African Network for Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN)

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Sarah Bireete
Center for Constitutional Governance (CCG)



Nkulinga Solomon Collins
National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda
Human Rights Programme
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Whatsapp: 0771-824-384


Fidèle Muhanuka Kabene
Congolese Refugee Community in Uganda,

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Shamim Nalubega
Lutheran World Federation-Uganda

Tel: +256 393 264 006/7/8
Thil Akuoch Garang
African youth  for  peace & deeopment [aypd] 0758888767
South Sudanese
Tito Anthony
Centre for Peace & Justice [CPJ]

Tel: +256780337628
South Sudanese
Gatwal A. Gatkuoth
Young Adult Empowerment Initiative [YEI]

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Dill Koang
Global Action for Humanity [GOA’H]

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Joseph Many
Jongeli Development Agency [JODA]

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Bonifacio Taban
Centre for Media Advocacy [CeMA]
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James Yen Chan
South Sudan Christian Community Agency [SSCCA]
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Viola Luala
Democracy Initiative [DI]
Alex Mango Ishingwa



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