We stand with Don Cherry!

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Don Cherry had recently been fired for remarks he said over Hockey Night in Canada. Saying, "you people that come here, love our way of life and our milk and honey, the least you can do is buy a poppy for a couple of bucks".

I do not find this offensive AT ALL.. He is just expressing the truth about people in today's society being disrespectful and not buying a poppy. He loves and respects our military and what they did in WW1 and WW2.

Doesnt matter what country you're in, you should always remember those wars and how much destruction there was. Be respectful buy a damn poppy.

Don Cherry never should've been fired for speaking the truth. He did nothing wrong, reinstate Mr. Cherry or your ratings will drop drastically.

Don Cherry has also stated he doesnt intend to apologize for his comments which I totally agree with. He doesnt need to, we know what he said. Let's stand with Don Cherry and get him back on coaches corner!