COVID19 Anti-Racism Group (CARG) against Racism targeting British East Asian People

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Almost at 5,000 Signatories as Hate Crimes DOUBLE

Thank you all for your support backing this petition.

Recent news have shown reported Hate Crimes against people of Chinese, SE Asian decent have more than doubled in some areas due to COVID. Calls are continuing to grow for regional Police Forces to genuinely take this as a priority and see investigations, charging and prosecutions advanced as a matter of urgency. Frustratingly in the West Midlands a number of cases have been discontinued or left languishing months after the incident without anyone charged let alone brought to justice. This must change.

Innocent students, BBC's, elderly and even children have been verbally abused, spat on, even assaulted despite having nothing to do with the COVID outbreak. 'Here comes COVID', 'Go back to where you came from' 'F*k the Chinese you started this'- Please help share this petition and strengthen our calls to end this sort of intolerance, ignorance, racism. Or at least get justice done and done sooner.

Cllr Alex Yip JP
11 months ago