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This probationer still clearly exibits a blatant disrespect and disregard for the laws of the State of Florida, its as if they don't apply to her. Why would this probationer not  have to abide by the same standards we all do?

Among her many violations is probation condition #5: "You will live and remain at libery, without violating any law..."
This person lied under oath in the Texas Equisearch case. She stated that she had no knowledge Equisearch was looking for Caylee Anthony. She was however photographed wearing a "Have You Seen Me" T shirt  with Caylee's picture on it.

 WE demand to know when the special treatment will end. When will this person be stopped from singlehandedly making a mockery of Flordia Judicial and legal system? Why is she allowed to break the law right before our very eyes and nothing is done? What does it say about Florida's judicial system when you can LIE in a court of law and have no consequences for it?

We the people demand that she be held accountable and that we stop sending the message to those that seek to do harm to children that in Florida you can get away with murder.

Letter to
We Seek Justice Florida Department of Corrections
Florida Department of Corrections Florida Department of Corrections
Orange County Clerk of the Court Judge Belvin Perry
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Florida Department of Corrections.

Violate the Probation of Casey Anthony

This probation still shows a clear and distinct disrespect of the laws of the State of Florida and believes she does not have to abide by the same standards every other tax paying citizen does.


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