Say No To Election 43!

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At his victory speech Monday night, Justin Trudeau said "Canadians have entrusted us with the responsibility of continuing to govern." The reality is 80% of Canadians did not choose this government. On Monday night, the Liberal Party was declared with only 21% of eligible Canadian voters. Letting any party with such little support form government is undemocratic and disingenuous to Canadians. That's why we say no to the results of this election!

We are Canadians who woke up Tuesday morning asking "how can we accept these results?" If you feel the same way, join us in saying No To Election 43! We're telling Ottawa that we reject the results of this election & have no confidence in this government. #NoToElxn43.

Many of us were excited to vote for the Liberals in 2015, after Justin Trudeau promised Canadians electoral reform. 4 years later, not only has that promise been left unfulfilled, but Justin Trudeau used it to stoke fear by telling voters "we could wake up next Tuesday with a government led by a new leader. And the only way to prevent that from happening is to vote for the Liberal Party." We refuse to allow the same politicians who promised electoral reform to use campaigns of fear in convincing Canadians to vote for them.

Make no mistake, this is not just about the Liberal Party. The 2019 election was a disaster: every major party leader failed Canadians. Throughout the election, hundreds of thousands of Canadians shared their voice about what issues matter the most. We are worried about our futures, about the health of our families and the health of our planet. We are worried about our security, about decent housing and stable jobs. But we are also worried about the integrity of our government. Honesty and integrity of our political institutions has been questioned several times already this year, and Canadians are concerned with trust and transparency of not just our political leaders, but with the government itself. Yet despite our concerns, we were bombarded every day by party leaders using manipulative personal attack ads on our screens and messages of division on the campaign trail.

In an advanced democracy like Canada, how can we allow any new government form with only 21% of the support of Canadians? The Government of Canada, along with our political leaders, must know that we say no to any government that has such little support from Canadians. We demand a government that is truly democratic and representative of Canada! We do not accept the results of Election 43 and we have no confidence in this government!