We're Voting You OUT of Office Dianne Feinstein, You're Supporting Trump's Nominees

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Democratic Members of Congress ARE SUPPORTING TRUMP!!!

Trump and people like him will remain in office, unless we show ZERO tolerance for him and his agenda, including the confirmation of his cabinet nominees.

"Tyranny does not begin with the violence. It begins with the first gesture of collaboration. Its most enduring crime is drawing decent men and women into its siege of the truth....what is the precise moment in the life of a country when tyranny takes hold? It rarely happens in an instant. It arrives like twilight and at first, the eyes adjust." - Evan Osnos "When Tyranny Takes Hold"

If your congressional representatives are supporting Trump's nominees or his agenda in any manner, TAKE ACTION NOW, LET YOUR LOCAL REPRESENTATIVES KNOW THAT YOU WILL NOT VOTE FOR THEM IN THE NEXT ELECTION!  And you WILL replace them with leaders who will RESIST Trump!

The only thing that many politicians, especially career politicians, care about is loosing an election. Let them know, THEY WILL LOOSE YOUR VOTE, IF THEY DO NOT OPPOSE TRUMP ON CRUCIAL ISSUES!

SIGN YOUR NAME and/or ZIP CODE to let Dianne Feinstein know she will NOT receive your vote in the next election (should she decide to run again). 

More Information from Indivisible Guide:

"We hear something a lot: "I live in a blue district! My members of Congress are already on my side!" Today, 15 Democrats voted to confirm Pompeo, a man whose "record reveals extreme positions, including enthusiasm for sweeping new surveillance programs targeting Americans and an openness to sending our country backward with regard to torture."

If your Senators are on this list, ask why they just voted in favor of a man who favors torture. We have to do better, and that means stiffening the spines of Democrats, too.



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