WE'RE BOYCOTTING SOUTH CAROLINA" UNTIL all "charges" against Dusten Brown, Cherokee father of "Baby Veronica" are dropped and

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Still Worried About This Child

I have re-opened this petition because something just said "Re-open" it. South Carolina has been in the news lately-unfortunately for some really bad stuff. Maybe, it's time Nikki Haley and Lindsay Graham and their co-horts "cave" on something else. Namely, returning this child to her father and extended biological family. Laws were definitely broken here when the dissenters on the Supreme Court said the father is not required by law to be the "custodial parent" to have rights (or his family to have rights) when the child goes up for adoption. He had a right to be given the chance to get her, as did any member of her biological family, to start with in other words. Apparently, no one cared about laws. I've re-opened the petition. Please share widely. Thanks, Aziza

Aziza White
5 years ago