We pledge never to forgive parties or politicians who force Brexit upon us

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We, signatories to this petition and voters for many elections to come, will NEVER again vote for a party or politician who supports Britain's exit from the EU. Every MP must make a choice, and every party must make a decision, but we are pledging NEVER to forgive any party or politician who, through action or inaction, assists our exit from the European Union, acts to take away our rights as EU citizens and harms the future prosperity of our country.

For every election henceforth, we will only vote for parties and support politicians who - when we needed them the most - worked to back our membership of the European Union.

In one year, unless our politicians intervene, we will leave the EU. At that point the damage will be done. The young generation, who voted overwhelmingly against Brexit, will be forced to live with its consequences. We must urge our politicians to give the people a final say, on the final deal, with the option of remaining.