I want the culprits to be hanged out in Public!

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Advantages taken to next level... criminal minded born bloody perverted Indians is just what I've got to call them... couldn't the consideration of the age be given? Couldn't the consideration of the place be given? Couldn't the consideration of her innocence be given? Couldn't the consideration of her cute lil beautiful smile given? All they looked was the place to insert their 'effing' dicks, gang raped itseems...sad about her.. should gauge out their eyes that saw the small one in a thing to have pleasure that in seeing a little sister..
Don't they have mother's, sisters, aunt's, granny's, girlfriend too? What if the girl was one among them? Would they be this cruel?
What is happening to the people's perspective on relationships?
Indians were the ones who kept relationship bonds so sacred..and what is happening to us now?
Aren't we supposed to blame ourselves, we just diverted our minds into the economical growth of the nation but forgot the divine relationship that our ancestors brought us up in...
Let's not talk about the caste, or elections but about the humanity that each one of us should have...that our upcoming generation should learn..
Let the lil one's soul seek peace atleast in the paradise that she couldn't get it on this earth where she believed