We VOTE NO to the Whakatōhea Pre-Settlement Trust!

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Even though Ngāti Ira and Ngāi Tamahaua passed the threshold of 5% to withdraw their claims from under the mantle of the WPSCT, the Waitangi Tribunal panel has decided to let Whakatōhea uri vote on two questions on a HAPU BY HAPU basis, following its inquiry into the Whakatōhea Pre-settlement Claims Trust’s mandate and finding that the Mandate SHOULD NOT have been recognised by the Crown. 

We want a full Waitangi Tribunal Inquiry into our claim(s) so that full research is conducted and everyone has an opportunity to air their grievances against the Crown. 

So, we encourage you to participate and vote:

1) Do you support the Claims Trust continuing to
negotiate to reach a settlement with the Crown of the
historical Treaty grievances of Whakatōhea? (VOTE NO)  

2a) Do you wish to see the current Treaty negotiations stopped in order that a mandate process be re-run from the start? (VOTE NO) 

2b) Do you wish to see the current Treaty negotiations stopped in order that a Waitangi Tribunal can carry outan inquiry into the historical grievances of Whakatōhea? (VOTE YES)

The Voting period has opened and closes at 12 noon on Friday 26 October 2018. 

If you haven't received your voting pack in the mail, you need to contact Election NZ immediately and request a Voting Pack. Call 0800 666 033 or email iro@electionz.com 

You can also cast a Special Vote if you are Whakatohea uri but DO NOT wish to register on the Trust Board roll but still wish to vote. You must fill in a Whakapapa form which will be verified by a Kaumātua Whakapapa committee. 

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