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Petition to save Monterey Dam

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The City Council already had their minds made up before the Town Hall meeting. Over 85% of the ppl that spoke were in favor of keeping the dam and repairing it! Most if not all the ppl that voted for the dam removal was ARISE and Special Interests Groups. I won't be so bold as to say City Council is getting their pockets lined or some kind of reciprocating compensation but to have their minds made up regardless on how the city feels.....seems asanine; not to mention dubious. This should have been made into a referendum. It is too big of a decision for 7 ppl to make on our behalf. This decision, regardless of how these so called experts spin it; will turn our city into muck and mosquitoes. Our river will turn into a stream with  disadvantageous affects. We can put in a hydro electric turbine in, the millions it produces per year will more than pay for the dam and future repairs....As well as create GREEN energy.

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