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We object to the continuing JobPath abuses and state illegal stealing activity.

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JobPath is a state program that's supposed to help those on benefits to gain employment. The task was handed to two private companies - who seek their profits from using unemployed as a means to their end. As of January 2018, to the tune of €100+ Million Euro paid by the Irish taxpayer, for very low success rate.

The result continues to be many people have been not only bullied massively - but also ILLEGAL deprived of their state benefits which the Department of Social Protection has admitted in late 2017 within a Dublin Highcourt, it DID NOT and still does not have the power to do.

MILLIONS OF EURO has possibly illegal stolen by the Department of Social Protection. For example, in Navan fourty-seven people in one three month period was deprived of their benefits while they were already vulnerable.

Despite this admission and the Department of Social Protection knowing they are breaking the law and even JobPath tender rules, they still continue to illegal take money off people (by their own admission) across Ireland.

HOWEVER, the state allowed brutality and illegal acts don't end there. That's just the beginning.

* People are not being allowed to take up jobs they, themselves have found.
* They are not allowed continue their education.
* They are not allowed to up-skill.
* They are being stopped from being in jobs they already have (including firemen, nurses and even a micro-biologist)
* They are being daily threatened regardless of them being sick - including suffering from cancer.
* They are being instructed to lie on their CV's and more.

There has been assaults (recorded), faked statement evidence provided in court, faked meetings invented as court evidence and more. All the previous have been exposed and proved as false in a Dublin highcourt in Oct/Dec' 2017.

There has been suicide attempts over the brutality dished out in JobPath in their very offices and more. The wrist photo with this petition is from one person who tried to kill themselves in a JobPath office while being bullied. This was a woman of 55+ years of age. People have been harassed so much, a large number - young and mature - have suffered genuine nervous breakdowns.

It has been uncovered that people's data has been illegal obtained - and even worse, exported over to the UK where the data laws are even worse. Once the data is there, there is a further ability to exploit it for greater profit also.

More shocking information can be found at:

All the above and more continues to be ignored by elected TD's of Fine Gael, Labour, Fianna Fail and even some Independent elected. Their silence is deafening.

We, the undersigned, object to what is going on today in Ireland regarding the whole JobPath scheme which is leaving many abused, misinformed, undermined, lied to and deprived of their full legal rights.

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