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Jack Dorsey has shown time and time again that he is either complicit or incompetent when it comes to fighting harassment on twitter. His actions so far have been minimal-effort at best, and his company continues to verify people like Jason Kessler, the neo-nazi who organized the infamous Charlottesville white nationalist rally this August, while banning people like Christian Fox (aka @spookperson), a popular pro-human rights activist and a talented humorist. 

Furthermore, Jack's connections within twitter cast doubt on his ability to provide an unbiased, well-moderated site. Among the few people he follows are the pizzagate conspiracist Mike Cernovich, "proud boys" (a white nationalist group) founder Gavin McInnes, and Stefan Molyneux, an outspoken racist and radio host.

Jack also takes a hands-off approach with Donald Trump, whose tweets cause measurable destabilization of the world market and have already caused international incidents.

At the core of the problem is Jack's inability to distinguish words from intent-- trolls find twitter ripe for abuse because as long as you avoid certain keywords, you can insult and belittle people as you wish. Time and time again I see clear threats against people and their safety on twitter, but without keywords like "kill" or "strangle", these trolls get away scot-free. Twitter is now known to be one of the few public safe havens for neo-nazis, and I don't think that's a reputation anyone wants to have. 

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