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We Need to End Our Oil Addiction


You have a problem. You’re addicted to oil. We all are.

Oil is ruining our economy, our environment, and our security. But, like all addicts, we don’t want to believe we have a problem and our dealer, the oil industry, is doing everything it can to keep us in the dark.

Time is running out before our addiction takes us past the point of no return. It’s time to kick the habit, call out the lies the oil companies have been selling, and rally together to create a movement against the oil industry. There’s one thing that’s already taking oil down a peg, providing consumers with options, and promoting a cleaner environment: renewable fuel. Get the facts, join the fight, and sign up now to support renewable fuel.

I pledge to support renewable fuel and the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) against the oil industry.

The oil industry stifles consumer choice and jeopardizes our national security. And they make more profits doing it than any other industry in history. In 2012, profits for the top five oil companies totaled $118 billion.

More importantly, the oil industry spends millions in lobbying efforts, $49.6 million in 2012 to be exact, to block cleaner sources of energy. Right now the oil industry is fighting against renewable energy tax credits and standards that promote renewable fuel – policies that have been proven to work in breaking our addiction to oil and to provide real benefits to Americans.

The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) increases consumer choice, supports fuel diversity, reduces the environmental impact of transportation fuel, and increases national security. That’s why Fuels America is working tirelessly to protect the RFS and promote the benefits of all types of renewable fuel.

We need to break our addiction to oil -- and the first step is to call out the oil industry’s lies. These lies put renewable fuel, the RFS, and the economic and environmental benefits they represent in constant danger.
I stand with the hundreds of thousands of Americans calling for an end to the oil industry’s lies.

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