We need to create the Province of Toronto

We need to create the Province of Toronto

June 3, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by heather jane

Toronto, I love you but you're in an abusive relationship with Ontario and it's time you two broke up. I hate to give you that tough love but you just had another big fight, the June 2nd election, and nothing changed. It actually got worse. So, because I love you and I want to see you thriving, I'm going to lay it out for you. Toronto, you need to leave Ontario, make your own Province, and govern yourselves. You'll probably say "that's not possible" or "it's not that bad". To that I say, other cities have done it before, like Singapore and Berlin. And yes, it's that bad. Ontario takes you for granted, belittles you, disrespects you, and punishes you for all your greatness on the daily. Let's run it down, shall we...

  • We've had our city councillors cut from 47 -25
  • We've had our rent control taken away, along with no assistance for renters during the pandemic despite paying the highest rents in the province
  • We've had our transit dreams dashed only to have another highway forced down our throats
  • We've had odsp rates stagnate and leave those most in need struggling through a global health crisis
  • We had our Public Health Unit have its budget cut by 50% only 2 years before we relied on TPH more heavily than ever before

Do I need to go on..... cause I can, it's been hell the last 4 years.

But let's talk less about how bad that relationship is and let's talk more about the life we could have as a free, single Province who is building their life back up. 

  • We could heavily invest in proper transit, dedicated bike lanes, and pedestrian friendly urban areas
  • We could pay part of our taxes to Indigenous people as reparations and make real efforts towards reconciliation like no other Province in so-called Canada ever has
  • We could have electoral reform and no longer suffer under the first past the post system
  • We could make sure the politicians who represent us actually look like us. We could have Black, queer, trans people in leadership
  • We could end homelessness and create a Universal Basic Income to make sure no one ends up on the street without a home
  • We could give tenants more rights, create caps on rent, and make housing more affordable.
  • We could tax the wealthy who love to gloat about being part of Toronto without actually contributing to it  

We can have that life but you need to break up with Ontario in order to flourish and thrive. I want that for you. Do you want that for you?

Let's bring this petition to our next round of Toronto Mayoral candidates and show them how much support there is for breaking up with Ontario. We need to elect the right people to make this dream a reality. 

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Signatures: 14Next Goal: 25
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