TDSB Music Programs Need Saving! Don't Let the Music Die!

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We are advocating for a reasonable, well thought out model for instrumental music in the Toronto District School Board.  A model that allows equity for all students and schools across the board without destroying existing music programs.

Etobicoke music programs will be the hardest hit!  With a majority of schools going from 14-16 hours of instrumental music per week to 2 hours per week. This will be the end of meaningful instrumental music programs in the TDSB for a majority of students.

The model currently being deployed by the TDSB contains some serious breaches of equity for existing music programs in our communities.  These decisions are being made are based on learning index scores without consideration or true consultation of principals, students, parents and other community stake holders.

The psychological benefits of music education include an increase in self-confidence, an increase in attention span and focus for sustained periods of time, empathy for others, and most importantly a means for students to express themselves and unleash their creativity.