We need road safety, laws must be against drivers as well vehicle owners

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The Ahmednagar accident on July 2, that took lives of seven techies and injured seven others near Lonikand on Pune-Ahmednagar road has raised some serious concerns about road safety.

On Sunday, July 2, a group of 15 software engineers traveled from Pune to Ahmednagar to be a part of their friend’s wedding.Their return journey turned out to be a nightmare after a water tanker colliding into their minibus from behind proved to be fatal for those seated on the rear end of the bus. The incident occurred on the Pune-Nagar highway near Wagholi at around 7pm.

The driver who was driving water tanker in negligible manner was just 22 years old .

There must be strict laws for the heavy penalty to companies that hires such irresponsible drivers and need to provide compensation to deceased family members. There must be protocol to check the drivers if they are not sleepy , not drunk and ready to travel on highways. Also there must be speed lockers for heavy vehicles.

I also want to add that the divider constructed on Pune Ahmednagar road is not with standard height. The Vehicle that looses control to their wheels easily crossed the divider and collides with vehicles coming from opposite side.

Please sign the petiotion becuase 7 person died on spot aged between 26 to 29. Victims, Viabhav Mane was newly married, Vishal Chanvan's wife is pregnant and don't know how others family members going through this.

Who will come forward and take the responsibility. Goverment has to answer.