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We need our GMO food labeled

Company's like Monsanto are selling products to our farmers to plant in their fields and give to their animals that are harmful and dangerous. All of our foods should be labeled if they are using genetically modified organisms or genetically engineered food, so the consumer is aware of what they are putting in their body. Some of these chemicals are forms of butane and chemicals used to kill limescale. The USDA and FDA are allowing companies to put these products in our foods. Well if they are going to keep making the products they should label it with everything that's in it.

I have recently stopped buying these products and will be buying organic and locally from now on, which is what I will be feeding my children.  I will be encouraging others to do the same and buy their products organically, food and non food products.  Just because there are small amounts of these chemicals in the products we are consuming doesn't mean they aren't harmful.  For how many years now have there been people out there who have been eating the GMO food, over time those traces turn into significant amounts and cause major damage to our bodies.

We need the USDA and FDA to pay closer attention to what they are letting slide by as safe just because companies like Monsanto put a little extra money in their pockets or paid for a scholarship.  We have the right to know what we are eating.  If they wish to continue to use these GMO products then let them grow it in their labs not on fields that could contaminate neighboring fields and then sueing them for patent infringement.  Then make them label everything that is GMO in their products, let the consumer make the choice instead of Monsanto and the USDA making the choice for us.

We can do this and we can fight this organization.  Join me in signing this petition to contact the Congressmen in Nebraska as well as the USDA and the FDA.  Thank you for your support.

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