We need more forests in Indonesia!

We need more forests in Indonesia!

26 July 2022
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Started by Amir Rabik

There are millions of hectares of degraded land in Indonesia. Deforestation continues to be a challenge. Forests are the lungs of the planet. We need more forests, not less! 

Everyone should have a greener world.
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The Green Indonesia Initiative is a new organisation on a mission to restore land and grow new forests in partnership with local communities in Indonesia.

We want supporters to know exactly how and where donations are being used. So from the beginning, we’ve kept a few promises:

We prove every project
We track every penny raised and show the projects funded with photos and GPS coordinates.
We’re an open book
We'll accept nothing less than the highest grades available for accountability and transparency.

100% goes to the field
Generous philanthropists and Gift Aid cover our operating costs so 100% of donations fund projects directly.


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Signatures: 1Next goal: 5
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