We Need Inclusive & Diverse Family Engagement at Gen. George A. McCall Elementary School

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May 8, 2017

Principal Stephanie McKenna

General George A. McCall Elementary School

325 S 7th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19106


Dear Principal McKenna/校長 McKenna:

We the undersigned represent Asian American and Pacific Islander family members of the McCall school community and friends. 我們簽名者是代表美国亚裔家庭和McCall学校的社区和朋友. According to the 2016-2017 School Profile, General George A. McCall Elementary School serves a racially, linguistically, and economically diverse student population: 根據2016-2017學校報告, General George A. McCall Elementary School服務於種族,語言和經濟上多樣化的學生人數:

  • 53.4% of McCall students identify as Asian
  • 53.4%學生是 亞裔
  • 12% identify as African American
  • 12%學生是非裔美國人
  • 9.8% identify “other” as their ethnicity
  • 9.8%學生是混血
  • 2.8% identify as Latino
  • 2.8%學生是拉丁美裔
  • 6.6% identify as students with disabilities
  • 6.6%學生有残疾
  • 77.8% of McCall students are economically disadvantaged
  • 77.8% 學生来自低收入家庭
  • 81% of the students receive English Language Learner services.
  • 81%學生有收到ESOL服务

We are writing to request: 我們要求:

  • more racially, economically, and linguistically diverse representation on the McCall building committee, sight selection committee, and School Advisory Council (SAC).更多樣化的代表参与學校的決定, 例如學校建築委員會, 老師招聘委員會, 和 學校諮詢委員會.
  • opportunities for family engagement and input outside of fundraising activities. 機會提供给家庭参与投入, 不仅仅只是籌款.
  • Mandarin language interpretation to be provided at all school events and family engagement activities. 在所有學校活動和家庭參與活動中提供普通話翻译.
  • that Mandarin-speaking bilingual teachers and staff be hired for positions at McCall. McCall学校需要聘請普通話雙語教師和工作人員擔任職位
  • that McCall consider replacing Spanish class with Mandarin class, which will allow Mandarin-speaking students to converse with their English-speaking peers.用中文课替換西班牙語課, 讓我們的孩子可以和說英語的同學交谈.

Thank you. 謝謝

Sincerely, 誠摯,

Anna Perng (彭安娜)and Mandy Lin
Friends of McCall


Cc: Superintendent William Hite, Assistant Superintendent Sonya Harrison



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