Longer sentences for convicted Peadophiles and Sex Offenders in Gibraltar

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Following the release of a man convicted for possession of indecent images of children this petition was created to protest as the current sentences for convicted peadophiles and sex offenders is disgraceful in Gibraltar.

This same man was convicted for showing 150 indecent photographs of children & possession of 48 indecent photographs (not including all those that would have been deleted since he also had systems in place to avoid capture) plus two counts of voyeurism can only get sentenced to 3 years and 8 months. He was released early after only serving 2 years, and now has access to internet again as he was caught using facebook, and he was free to walking the streets where he could get access to any child with no warning to the public. 

Another man was arrested in Gibraltar and convicted for viewing and distributing graphic photos of children online and he received only 12 months. The term actually served I do not know.

There have been many more cases, which I will not list, where the justice system has failed and convicts have not received the long sentences they deserve and victims suffer knowing their preditor will soon be released.

We call for the Gibraltar Government to make changes to the sentencing immediately and call for the very minimum sentence to be set at 20 years for all convicted peadophiles and sex offenders without possibility of early release. 

All convicts should then be listed on a register that is easily available to all the residents to see. No convicted persons should be allowed to live is any residential estate where they would be able to get access to children and could capture photos or begin grooming children. It is vital that these criminals are not just released freely after serving their terms. There needs to be provisions put in place where they cannot access internet or be near any children or young people.

As a number one priority we need to keep all citizens of Gibraltar safe. Protecting the offenders identity should not be in the interest of the courts or Government. The short sentences do not serve as a deterrent to these heinous individuals. 

It is an outrage that we see those convicted for minor crimes recieve much longer sentences. 

The victims in the pictures/videos must be taken into account when handing out sentences. No amount of time served will give the victims back their lost innocence and they will be afftected for the rest of their lives. Therefore the perpetrator should also receive the same life sentence.  

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