Justice For Rukus

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*Alert* I know its a lot but please read and sign friends.. and fellow pet owners. We need justice for rukus and to bring him home.
This place that is 45 minutes from my sisters home in kerwood ontario called glencoe animal shelter (privately owned) in glencoe ontario has stolen my nephews dog, pet, protector from there own back yard!! . Just look at the photos .They speak a thousand words and these people who claim to be a dog shelter drove all the way down there they went out of there way and committed a crime as they stocked then stole/took a legally licened and registered guard/farm dog literally from the right corner field where he lives!!!! Whats even worse is its at a time when dog thefts are at its highest in canada and on the rise daily and people wonder why? They also had no reasoning And IT certainly wasnt because he was not on a leash legally. As There are papers for him for that specific reason! Thats why the law is in place for farm/work dogs. They have rights to.. The whole situation is just so heart breaking because all these people wanted to do was make a dollar its disgusting.Mean while we the public simply care and love our animals so much we let our Pets/family members/protectors live there lives and now we have to worry about then due to dog nappers and the black market selling that goes on in and out of all shelters right underneath everyones nose! They are suppose to help the community pets. Not steal them from families! Just think your adopted pet could be stolen from a loving caring home and family . But Back to my petition statement . They picked him up in the field and sold rukus as a so called adoption 8 days later... mean while my sister had called daily and showed up with her step mom and family to pay and they were denied. Not just once! But three times. In 8 single days . First it was the owners are on vacation, then it was we dont have him. Then they finally coughed up he was gone & tried to blame Us!!!! Its Just absoloutley wrong and broken ten times sideways . Now I know all pet owners love there pets so please pull together and Help us do something about this!
Its Wrong its illegal and it could be anyones pet next! The one way we can win is. social media. Speaking out, Its a great thing now days. We have the power & we need to shut them down, we have also contacted the police and they are doing everything they can but because it was done so quickly and in such a sneaky manner they feel my sister and her family may have bad luck but is still fully able to charge the criminal shelter to the fullest extent. How ever with our umlimited signatures we can make the impossible, possible! We can and will make a Change! Come on everyone lets bring him home. Please take a second or two as It can help save a life.

(Just look at rukus guard cole
And watch over him like a god on his first day. He s looking towards the bus making sure cole is safe! In the second collage photo it just shows Hes beautiful hes smart hes loved and in love and hes been wronged!) #Justice4Rukus

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