We need and want a new Terra Nova Coffee shop!

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We are the heart and soul of Terra Nova Village and we deserve to be heard: We need and want another Terra Nova Coffee shop! 

After 21 years, Starbucks closed the door to the only coffee shop in Richmond's Terra Nova Community. We asked Starbucks to stay but they chose to leave our community February 1/2021!

We understand there is a local coffee company interested in taking over this location but no agreement is in place. What is the holdup? Is it Starbucks? Is it the Landlord or the Leasing company? Our questions keep going unanswered but what is very clear to us is that we want a new coffee shop to move into the old Starbucks location in Terra Nova Village. What was the hub of our community is now a vacant building that has become a depressing eyesore!

First Capital, it is my understanding, if another party is interested in the space the leasing company is authorized to negotiate directly with the Landlord and Starbucks. Why is this not happening?

Starbucks if you are still the tenant at the Terra Nova location: Please release the old Terra Nova Village Starbucks location!! 

A new coffee shop would breathe life back into our community! It was a heartless decision to shut down the only coffee shop in our community, especially, during the Covid 19 pandemic. It was  a big part of our community! For many it was one of the few outdoor spaces available to sit during this period of darkness. It was the HUB of our community, whether stopping by to grab a coffee to go or more so for many retirees, families etc. who strolled over to have a coffee with a friend or to sit alone on the outdoor patio surrounded by other customers we now call friends!  

So yet again the Community of Terra Nova gets left out in the cold with no coffee shop. We are the heart and soul of Terra Nova Village and we deserve to be heard: BE KIND: please give us a new coffee shop sooner than later!