Ads by CARA need more visibility to promote child #Adoption #AllKidsNeedParents

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Anya was a nameless 2-month-old baby dropped off in a Government registered orphanage in Pune in February, 2018.

My friends, Asha and Vaibhav, a young couple working in the IT industry in Bangalore were looking to adopt a little child since early 2016.

Till someone told them about CARA.

What is CARA?

Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) helps you adopt a child legitimately, through a simple process.

CARA helped Asha and Vaibhav find Anya. In India, there are so many families that are looking to give a home to children and so many children who need families!

As most people prefer to adopt infants and toddlers, we need ads to promote the adoption of children in the age group of 10-18 years.

All we need is awareness; which is what ads will help with.

Asha, Vaibhav and Anya came together in March, 2018 and are now a happy family who can’t wait to celebrate every birthday and milestone together.

Maneka Gandhi, please make information on CARA more accessible via public ads. These ads can play in movie multiplexes, railways stations and Government hospitals for wider reach. 

Please sign this petition - help every orphan Indian child find a safe and loving home!

Please use the handle @WCD 

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