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Together Let's Change American Presidential History in 10 Days!

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This may be the most important document you ever read in your lifetime. By signing it you may be able to change and avert a political catastrophe. Right now we are being manipulated and intimidated into voting for either of two candidates that over 60% of the country does not want. Removing all partisan analysis, most American voters are honest and caring people who want America to come together and follow an agenda that reflects commonality of purpose, that allows the center of America to prosper. The choices we have been given reflect a representation of moneyed, undemocratic power elites for whom protecting foreign and domestic power, revenue flow and keeping taxes and regulations low at the cost of public safety are the dominant motivators. They are shameless in presenting these views.

Primarily most Americans want a President with a moral compass to lead our great nation. A person who children can look up to and believe in. Without sinking to the level of current campaigning lets just say the two lead candidates do not reflect the minimum standards that most American children would want in a sports team captain. Let's leave it at that. We all know why we dislike both of these candidates, the question is what can we do about it? The system, on the surface fair, most feel has incorrectly pushed two candidates forward that the majority of American voters would not want in the office- the process seems inexorable, but its not.

The Republican Convention is a done deal. The Democratic Convention appears to be a freight train out of control. Here is the ONE crack these political ward bosses have left. Ostensibly Bernie Sanders has endorsed Clinton so he and his delegates will be "allowed" to attend the Convention. There, the same super delegates who were picked from the beginning, will nominate Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders beats Trump in most local and national polls. If he was elected he would get little or nothing done as both Branches of Congress would be gridlocked and forced to coalesce to get even the most simple things done. If you sign this petition you are sending a message to the Democratic Super Delegates that this is not only your wish, BUT YOU WANT CONTROL OF YOUR POLITICAL SYSTEM BACK AND YOU EXPECT MORAL LEADERSHIP SELECTIONS IN THE FUTURE.

If a hundred thousand people sign this it will have no effect. If 14 million people sign this it only means that the Bernicrats thought it was a good thing. If 20 million people sign this and they sign it before the super delegates vote in Philadelphia it means that AMERICA IS MAD AND IF THEIR WILL IS IGNORED THERE WILL BE DIRE CONSEQUENCES.

So if you are a queasy Democrat or a Republican of good faith, real moral standing and believe in the common welfare and thoughtful political leadership of a President who should have high moral character- SIGN THIS PETITION. Then contact the super delegates and your own political representatives and tell them to put pressure on the super delegates to nominate Bernie Sanders. We have a choice- allow the race to continue unchanged and shame us, or take this moment in history and make it one we will all be proud of sharing,  I know Sanders is not the majority's first choice, but as a messenger of the voice of the American people he is a demonstrated point. There WILL not be a second chance to stop this- if either side gets their leader you won't believe the disaster that ensues, and you know it! Sign it now and circulate it to your friends. The time for individual courage is fast upon us and if you reflect too long- that reflection may turn to a larger legacy of regret. We have only one chance remaining to reclaim America's moral direction- let's not waste it.

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