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progress with State Officials, so far responses from Congressman Randy Forbes and Delegate Lionell Spruill's Office. They are also very concerned with the issue of Domestic Violence and plan to research to see if legislation can be drafted in upcoming session to help with addressing this issue and accomplish this proposal. I was also told they will be speaking with Senator Mark Herring who has been a leader on this issue in the General Assembly.  We have decided to take this to a NATIONAL LEVEL asking this Registry be required in ALL states. Some states have already adopted this and we need to push for each and every state to have this vital information as well.                                Please continue share this and ask them to SIGNand REPOST!

 This type of information is absolutely crucial to be Public knowledge. Would you want a family member of yours getting involved with someone with a record like this and had no way of obtaining knowledge of it??? Why can you assault a complete stranger and that be on a Public court website? But if it happens in your HOME (when the MAJORITY of it does) it's kept from other possible victims? The Victims name need not be known but the OFFENDER and HIS CONVICTION should most definitley known to protect others.

This cause is very near and dear to my heart. I was a victim of domestic violence in 1994-1995. Like many victims of abuse, they don't call the police, or follow through with pressing charges out of fear or simply being convined by the abuser that it will never happen again. Also, the fear of not knowing what they will do if the abuser in finally jailed for his actions. What are they to do then, how are they able to support themselves and take care of the children? After the last battle, i finally decided i had to get out and actually follow through with this man being punished. I was terrified to show up in court but with the help of the Samaritan House, they gave me the strength to do what i knew right and he was given two months in jail for violating probation from another abused victim offense before me. Since then, i have seen a few charges online in Circuit Court case info, and even been contacted by some of his more recent victims as late at 2013. I tried to convince them they are not his only victim as he claims and "it won't happen again". But more than not his charges for abuse are in JDR court because they shared a residence which the public can't see as we can on Circuit Court and General District court sites. We are able to see how may DUI's or Drug charges one has, to allow us to choose if thats a person we want to associate with. We can see violence against a stranger but NOT violence inflicted on a wife or live in girlfriend if they lived with him???? I personally want to know if a person i may be interested in has a violent past for my sake and my son's sake. I would not welcome a habitual offender drunk or drug addict into my life nor someone of KNOWN violence. We have a Sex offenders list to warn us to beware of these people. Why not a Domestic Violence website???? Who is to say which is the less of the two evils? They both cause life long damage and can turn the abused into and abuser themselves later on in life. My abuser has been charged and convicted with at least a half dozen more assault charges as felony's since 94, done jail time for these crimes. Yet we can't have this information on some website or court site to forewarn futher victims??? I can see how many traffic tickets you've have, warrants in debt, unlawful detainers, drunk in public, or urinating in public. But i don't care about THAT, i want to know something that could potentially harm me or my children. They have all these dating sites now where people can make up ANYTHING they want to about themselves. Just waiting for someone to bite, but they bite based on what's listed not on the truth about this person. And since these sites note that they do not verify criminal record it's up to you to do the work to find out to protect yourselves from the crazies out there just waiting for a new victim.

By the most conservative estimate, each year 1 MILLION women suffer non-fatal injuries by an intimate partner. By other estimates, 4 MILLION American women experience a serious assault by an intimate partner during an average 12-month period. Nearly 1 in 3 adult women experience at least one physical or sexual assault at some point during their lives. 37% of women who experience domestic violence reported that the abuse had an impact on their work in the form of lateness, missed work, keeping a job or career promotions. The cost of intimate partner violence exceeds $5.8 billion each year, $4.1 billion of which is for direct medical and mental health services. Victims of intimate partner violence lost almost 8 million days of paid work because of the violence perpetrated against them by current or former husbands, boyfriends and dates. This loss is the equivalent of more than 32,000 full-time jobs and almost 5.6 million days of household productivity as a result of violence. There are 16,800 homicides and $2.2 million (medically treated) injuries due to intimate partner violence annually, which costs $37 billion. Almost one-third of female homicide victims that are reported in police records are killed by an intimate partner. In 70-80% of intimate partner homicides, no matter which partner was killed, the man physically abused the woman before the murder. Less than one-fifth of victims reporting an injury from intimate partner violence sought medical treatment following the injury. Intimate partner violence results in more than 18.5 million mental health care visits each year.  Domestic Violence Wheel Image

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