Let's Get A Keith Urban Channel on Sirius / XM Satellite Radio!

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Sirius/XM Satellite Radio has amazing programming these days…  Not only commercial free music, interesting DJ’s, tons and tons of music channels, but their artist specific channels can’t be topped!  There’s only one thing missing here… 

The SXM Keith Urban channel!  Keith has diverse musical tastes, and delivers surprises with every album including great collaborations, outstanding and fresh songwriting, songs that span more than just the country music genre, stuff like that.  If you’re a fan, you know the drill…  If you’re not a fan yet, get ready to enjoy the ride, it’s feel good music at it’s finest.  It would be great to not only hear Keith’s music playing  (past and present!), but also get to hear “behind the music” stories of how songs came to be, who his influences are, how his music heroes have shaped his musical tastes today, and songs that he likes to listen to every day!  I’d love to hear this, and I’m hoping others would too. 

I’d like to send a note to SXM Management with this idea, and ask them if they’d consider this, sooner (awesome!), later (ok I guess), or any time, because any time is a good time for KU/SXM! 

Thanks for participating!  Erin