Delivering Sleeping Babies in a Labour Ward which is dedicated to Live Babies is inhumane!

Delivering Sleeping Babies in a Labour Ward which is dedicated to Live Babies is inhumane!

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Louise Caldwell started this petition to Heather Knox (interim chief executive of NHS Lanarkshire. NHS Lanarkshire's deputy chief) and

I am petitioning Nicola Sturgeon, Humza Yousaf, Heather Knox and most importantly NHS to ask that maternity hospitals have a dedicated unit for women who have unexpected complications rather than admitting them into the labour ward.

I will never forget the day I had my 12-week scan, the words "I'm so sorry, I don't see a heartbeat" will forever stay with me, my baby was 13 weeks.

The moment I was told I would have to deliver my baby in the labour ward, my heart sank and I was overcome with emotions. Rather than grieving for my little one my head and heart focused on "the labour ward" i could not get my head around this, like many people i assumed there was a separate ward to go to, i never in all my wildest dreams thought that women would have to go into the labour ward. Even to this day i cannot get my ahead around why this happens. WHY? WHY has a ward never been created?

I remember standing at the labour ward doors at 10am and i waited for 2/3 minutes for not a midwife to let us in but a very happy and proud dad, i will never forget that moment, it felt like a long walk to the midwife station before we were escorted to the back of the ward (out of the way it felt like)  , in my little room i had to wait 1 hour and 30 minutes before i was introduced to my midwife, she was busy with other women.  i remember asking her when we started the procedure , what do i do now! her reply was "get dressed and you can go for a walk"  yup through the corridors and being tormented with everything i could see and hear.   

There is nothing worse than standing at those doors knowing I would soon be walking out without my baby while other women are bringing there baby into the world .  As soon as you enter the labour ward you are met with newborn baby photos on walls, thank you cards, baby cries and proud partners. When I left my room i was clutching nothing more than a memory box to go home with, nothing prepares you for that walk through the corridor to get out of the labour ward. WHY? WHY? If we are meant to be in that ward alongside other mums bringing live babies into the world then why are our angel babies not on the walls, where are there footprints and hand prints, where are there names? Why cant those mums go to the back of the ward rather than us mums! WHY?

A woman going through an ordeal like this needs a lot of special care, support and reassurance of knowing there aren't any triggering situations. Miscarriages are a daily occurrence so why shouldn't there be a special unit that has everything needed in there to save them going into the healthy labour ward. Why should a woman going through this ordeal have to share her midwife (like I did), why shouldn't she have a bereavement midwife by her side, why shouldn't she have her own midwife to be there rather than that midwife going room to room! Why do we need to endure the tea ladies asking "aww what did you have" when they naturally assume that's why we are there, or because of the lack of communication between midwives, catering staff and cleaners. 

So let's look at it from the women who have healthy babies point of view,  why should they be made to feel guilty knowing there is a woman next door who has lost her baby. Until this happened to me I didn't even give women who had miscarried a thought, it's such a joyous magnificent time, and celebrations galore, why should that emotion and happiness be taken away from them. It shouldn't! If I had known there was a woman next to me miscarrying when I had my 3 babies I wouldn't have been able to enjoy any part of my birth or that moment the baby comes into the world. I would have been overcome with sadness and guilt.

I'm doing this petition because I don't want further women to have to deal with the emotional upset of being in the labour ward, it saddens me to think of other women going through this and it's only now that I feel physically strong enough with taking this forward. 1 in 4 women go through a miscarriage, this is a quarter of all mothers to be and 1 in every 250 pregnancies ends in a stillbirth in the UK; that is 8 babies every day! 

What YOU can do to help 

* Please help me gain over 100k signatures on the petition so we can bring this to the attention of MPs, Showing that it is not acceptable for Women to deliver there sleeping babies in the labour ward. 

*Head on over to my facebook group   

* Email YOUR local MSP and ask them to show there support.

Please stand by me in helping to get as many supporters as we can so we can get this petition into the right hands! In a world that promotes change and encourages change this is one change that's a must and a need! 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!
At 35,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!