Install a cross walk or flashing lights on Melrose Ave @ Vista St Los Angeles CA 90046

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I have been on Melrose for more than 17 years. Throughout the years, there have been many car accidents at the intersection of Melrose Ave and N. Vista. People do not want to walk the couple of blocks it takes to get to the light. They cross in the middle of the street and it’s dangerous.

On Jan 1st, 2018 there was a devastating accident in which 6 people were injured, 3 critically. The accident took place at 6Am. Just imagine what would have happened if that had occurred during business hours. Many more people would have been dead or injured.

Pedestrians try to cross street and cars do not slow down, and indeed even speed up.There is even car and motorcycle racing taking place between Gardner and Martel.

A flashing light or cross walk could minimize the casualties or even prevent them. You can make a difference! Please sign the petition. And please help save a life!