Free hospitality must be encouraged for saving lives of people below poverty.

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There are hundreds and thousands of deaths all over India per day which the hospitals and doctors are not aware of. Deaths which were not taken in concern. I’m a standard 12 student, I’ve been taught “unity in diversity” since I was in class 4 and yet I haven’t seen much of it in real. We all as a kid aim to work somewhere in foreign and even though I’m one of them wishing the same don’t get it, why?  Why not India? Why not work for our nation? Why not to plan for the betterment of our country?? Why not develop our INDIA?  

I lately realized that it’s us thinking differently. We think there are no scopes in India but have we ever tried to come together and build our India to a better place. The reason behind my topic here “free hospitality” is because there are people over there dying by working for us! Yes for us and no, their hard work is not shown on TV or any movie theater but rather by the meal we eat at the end our most tiring days. Yes I’m talking about those farmers out there. They work all day and night under the burning sun (oh obviously they have no caps to wear like us) they often sleep at night with thought of the next rain so that their crops and wheat get s enough water supply and they are able to get a little some money for their lively hood. Ever imagined yourself in there place? You doing their work (it’s their job)? Probably not! Because we are all selfish. Yes, accept it or not, we are! 

On the other hand there’s our government. So called doing something called development!!  Making railways, roads, increasing number of trains wow! I’m impressed. Obviously I should be,now that I can travel so well on plane roads from my hostel to my home and other side there are those poor farmers wearing torn slippers and walking on rocks, poor families with no school to educate their their little one. Kids out there staring at big and tall buildings wishing to atleast once enter them, see how does a actual room look like, to know that a room is not the entire home!  


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