Human Rights for Confined Seniors

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Our Government has stated we are in a CLIMATE CRISIS. So why are our Seniors Human Rights being ignored in Canada. Seniors are our societies foundation -and its in need of restoration. Countries are judged for their treatment of the elderly.

We pride ourselves of being a caring society - always coming to support the weak. We need to be a voice for the aging population who are not getting the best health care and shelter that they have contributed /worked years for. We’re rightly horrified and angry when a child or pet is left in a hot car, but what about our senior citizens left in sweltering retirement homes? In Canada, no law exists that protects seniors from dangers while living in retirement homes, senior residences, group homes or care facilities.

The Ministry for Seniors ( ) was created to do much for our seniors -to quote text they are to"oversee the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority (RHRA)". If this were true we would not have lost so many seniors to this Pandemic. If this were true perhaps the Army would not have reported finding poor souls in soiled sheets, unwashed, unfed during this pandemic.

To Date there is so much not done that should be done in Canada other than promises of action and change from an equally horrified Ontario Premier Doug Ford. There are 9 other provinces that also care for seniors in Private and Goverment run "HOMES". There is a Ministry staff of 7 as well as the Minister himself who are well paid to address all violations. This petition once signed will serve as a reminder -we care. I hope to get 100,000 signatures to make them see we care alot - even outraged. We as consumers see that there are many portable cooling devices, NOT just A FAN to move hot air and give the illusion of temperature change without removing the dangers of humidity or change of air , or air quality. In 2019 -08-06 Dennis Thompson wrote and article that was published in US News, Chicago Tribune ,, for just a few titled " IN HEAT WAVES, FANS MAY DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD". Seniors who cannot leave or are immobile are helpless and vulnerable, left to suffer from extreme heat lasting for days or weeks without air-conditioning. This makes it difficult for them to breathe, sleep or be comfortable, increasing respiratory failure, cardiac issues, sanitary distress and deadly dehydration. Seniors easily deteriorate mentally and physically in the extreme heat and often find it difficult to recover from heat stroke (read more about the effects of heat below). Yet nothing has been done to regulate humane, effective cooling of these residences.Some Healthcare workers don't seem to car while other feel Muzzled by Unions and fear of lost jobs.

Please sign my petition urging the new Minister of Seniors to require ALL senior care facilities in every Province of Canada to provide air-cooling / not fans in common rooms and bedrooms. It’s sadly apparent that we need a law to force all senior facilities to provide cooling as well as heating. Its also apparent that nobody is monitoring much of these "Homes".

We need action without delay. Our seniors should be protected from excessive heat. Be their voice, before it’s too late for the survivors of the last heat wave or the 2nd, 3rd wave of the pandemic. Canada - from coast to coast - is heating up and we need to look out for the seniors of Canada as they are vulnerable, weak, some alone and voiceless. We need to show them they are not forgotten, that they matter and we care.

Nobody should be subjected to deadly heat while in a Canadian senior care facility in 2020. Let’s do this! Sign and share my petition to tell Minister Raymond CHO to use his power to effect change NOW and to Save Seniors lives. 

(read more about the effects of heat here).

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