We Must make “Le Monke” the new mascot of Cedar Park Middle School (Beaverton, OR)

We Must make “Le Monke” the new mascot of Cedar Park Middle School (Beaverton, OR)

February 1, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Matthew Dinsdale

      Please sign this petition: https://chng.it/yhJTPnrtX8

      Timberwolves, Cedar Park's current mascot, are highly intelligent and complex animals who are caring, devoted, ambitious, and never shy from hard work. This does not apply to me, and it probably doesn't apply to you.

       But LE MONKE. Le Monke can be anything they want to be. They can craft us into the perfect school, full of equality and acceptance. Le Monke will protect the people that need protecting, cheer up the depressed, and support those in need.

       Timberwolves are under the stereotype of being "good" and "hard-working." But Le Monke has no stereotypes. Le Monke lets you be who you are, NOT someone you are not. No matter who you are, Le Monke is by your side. Le Monke is someone you can relate to, someone you can trust, someone to let you know that you are not alone. Le Monke symbolizes the progressive acceptance our society desperately needs. Le Monke is what we strive for as a community.

       The students of Cedar Park deserve more than a wolf, they deserve a symbol of free-thinking prosperity. They deserve Le Monke. A wolf generally always has to be the leader. They think they are on top and better than everyone else. But Le Monke strives for equality. Le Monke doesn't have a pack, he has friends.

      With our new mascot, we can embrace our differences and become an accepting and welcoming place for people of all ways of life. In order for Cedar Park to take the mantle as a bastion of diversity and free-thinking, Le Monke MUST become the new mascot of Cedar Park Middle School. On top of all this, Le Monke is in the public domain, so it is completely legal to wear this great symbol of hope with pride. We must get rid of the stereotypical discrimination of our old mascot, and show our students that they are welcomed, no matter who they are. We must show our fellow classmates that WE CARE and will fight for equality. We must show our students that they don't have to be a wolf, they can be whoever they are. The staff must rise and take the next big step towards the progression and future of our school, our society, and our country.

      The timberwolf inflicts fear into the souls of the innocents. They are historically known to attack and kill people who do so much as make eye contact. But Le Monke is harmless. Le Monke wants to be your friend, wants to relate to you.

      You can't create major change on your own, the hate overpowers you. But as a community, together we can create change. In the immortal words of 26th president Teddy Roosevelt, "Do what you can, where you are, with what you have." Together we can create freedom and acceptance for all, one signature at a time. Soon, you will be free to be yourself, and not be held down by the crushing stereotypes of the timberwolf. You will soon be one with Le Monke. 

      America is a place of freedom and free speech, where you are free to be whoever you are. We shall not force our fellow Americans into stereotypes, but let them be who they are. We shall let them be free! A wolf forces us Americans to the constraints of being courageous and loyal, while a Monke can let us be free, let you be who you are. The discrimination shown by our current mascot will not be tolerated anymore! Let us become a school that is acce pting to all, let us become Le Monke!!

   **Le Monke is always on top! Please email friends and family to sign this petition. We need change, and the only way to get it is as a community!**

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Signatures: 215Next Goal: 500
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