We-Men VS The Union of India

We-Men VS The Union of India

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Why this petition matters

We-Men VS The Union of India

Here by we the Male Citizens of Democratic India are filing a case against "The Union of India" under International Human Rights Laws.

Productive age group Men of 30 to 45 are Committing Sucide every 5 mins in India. Every year Indian Society is killing more than 97,000 Hardworking Men because of extremely Gender Bias Laws & Inhumane treatment by the Law & Order Enforcement Officers, by the endless threats from Women Empowerment Commissions & NGOs.

India is leading the race in Male Suicide Globally. If no action is taken, We will kill more than half of the Male Citizens of this country in less than a decade.

The only minority which is not even protected under the Article 14 of The Constitution of India is the same group of Men between 30 to 45, Hardworking Professionals Men, Backbone of any Economy.

We as the representative of all the Dead Men and all the Men who will commit Sucide every 5 mins due to non functioning of Human Rights Laws in India,

We are claiming Rs 1000 Crores towards loss of lives and loss to Indian Economy.

From this moment onwards, every day 1 Crore will be added to the initial claim of 1000 Crores till we win the case under International Human Rights Laws.

Save Indian Men, Save The Largest Democracy.

Caimed Money will be distributed among all the Registered Organization working exclusively for Men's Rights & Mental Health for Men.


32 have signed. Let’s get to 50!