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my husband is headed to a immigration detention center anyday now i was hoping to apply for a hardship waiver as he is the the financial provider for our household of 5 at the time 4 american citizens there is many reason i can say why he shouldnt be deported but what i found out is since he entered illegaly the U.S. and has not been here for 10 years he cannot qualify for hardship and that if the court decides they don't have time for him for whatever reason he IS NOT ENTITLED to any type of court hearing:( How awful i thought, what will i do although im selling my car today to hopefully retain a attorney tommorrow I feel as if my hands are tied and my children will be with out thier father or we will be forced to moved to a land we've never been to so our family can stay together my children dont speak spanish, my oldest daughter from a previous relationship has special education needs that will not be available to her there as well as not seeing her birth father for 7 yrs we will not be able to retain a passport, my biggest fear??? last time when my husband came here after being deported 2 yrs ago he was ROBBED at gunpoint taxeds by the drug cartels just for the idea of passing and witnessed a mans wife being raped in a room full of people who could do nothing to help her due to fear not even her husband and the 7 to 8 harrassing, threating calls i had every day from the people who robbed him, from various numbers yelling and cuzzing at me to pay for his life or else... and wait the worst part yet.... the 2 days of silence.... no phone calls no knowing nothing waiting wondering did they kill him what happened? they abandoned him in the desert Im lucky my husband is alive today he and one other man made it though out thanks to a unlikely passerby.... i cant not bear to go thru this terror ever again, money is hard to come by these days hes not here illegally by choice hes here cause he belongs here was brought here at 16 years old and has 3 american citizen children and a wife who are full of despair at this point anything will help

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