We Love Dogs: Dedicated Barron Neighborhood Dog Park

We Love Dogs: Dedicated Barron Neighborhood Dog Park

November 4, 2022
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Co-leader of Dog Park Project Isaac Mateo Valdez
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Why this petition matters

Started by Carole Lin

The residents of Barron Park hereby petition Palo Alto Open Spaces, Parks, and Golf Community Services with a proposal for a local dog park with community-based input identical to the Boulware Park Renovation and Expansion Project.

The residents of Barron Park need a dog park . 

There are documented community benefits from dog ownership and scientific data to support the development of a dog park within walking distance of the Barron Park community. 

Dog ownership and dog walking bring individual health benefits for dog owners, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Studies have shown that the bond between people and their pets is linked to several individual and community health benefits. These include:

•       Decreased blood pressure, cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels, feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and symptoms of PTSD.

•       Increased exercise and outdoor activities at all ages; better cognitive function in older adults; and more opportunities to socialize.

•       Improved physical and social health of owners (especially the elderly and those who are isolated).

•       Building a sense of community and enhancing social cohesion.

•       Increased public safety and community engagement.

The presence of dog parks in the neighborhood is correlated with increased property value and improved communication and socialization of the whole community.  Social isolation has severe mental and physical health consequences at all stages of life; dog ownership prevents social isolation.  As dog ownership in Palo Alto has increased, dog parks have become increasingly important public resources in the pandemic to support these benefits.

Similar projects, such as the expansion of the Mitchell Park Dog to add a separate enclosure for small dogs (to be completed by 2023), show that the Palo Alto Parks and Recreation Commission and the City Council recognize the importance of dedicated spaces for our dog companions. They realize that these spaces are more than just dog parks; they are community spaces and health and mental support centers for their neighborhoods.  The Palo Alto community in Barron Park would benefit from having its own dedicated dog park.

All the current dog parks near Barron Park require crossing significant streets. Due to the distance, it is common for dog owners to drive to the dog parks outside of the neighborhood. Driving out of a neighborhood is an increased burden on the environment and is not sustainable. 

Barron Park residents have established a community dog group that has provided emotional and physical support to all our members. The current dog community has been exemplary in its efforts to decrease conflict with any dog socialization gatherings. The Barron Park community dog group has formed a volunteer neighborhood, “Dog Poop Patrol,” which patrols in the early mornings to pick up trash and dog feces. Despite these goodwill efforts, there are still conflicts and complaints. 

Dog ownership will only continue to increase in Palo Alto. There is no dedicated dog park for the Barron Park neighborhood currently. Access to parks, excellent schools, and dog parks add to the quality of life of all residents. 

Barron Park Dog Families need a place to call home. 

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Signatures: 716Next Goal: 1,000
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Decision Makers

  • Isaac Mateo ValdezCo-leader of Dog Park Project