“For me if Ganga dies,India dies. If Ganga thrives, india thrives.”

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Some believes of mine for make our Ganges pure. What’s your?

1- There must be toilets near the rivers for public use where most of the temples or houses near the river are located.

2- cleanup animals and dirty clothes should be far away from the rivers and that water should to be conserved.

3- As we are aware of the climatic disturbance happening all around we should do more rain water harvesting and let the level of rivers be increased so it can be used in future. 

4- Less construction of dams, which would be effective for the others near towns or villages for farming or even basic needs of them. “

“We are going to build more plants but at the moment only thrid of the city  is connected to sewers. The rest of it goes straight into Ganges.”


i need more and more sign for this petition so we all can bring our holy ganges back and make our India beautiful. #support #betogether #cleanganga 

Thank you 

Sanjay Rai