We expect a Safe Shared Pathway from Sutherland to Cronulla!

We expect a Safe Shared Pathway from Sutherland to Cronulla!

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The Hon. Andrew Constance NSW Transport and Roads Minister (NSW Government) and

Why this petition matters

The NSW Government has broken their promise to fix Shire traffic!

Sutherland Shire residents were promised a safe, efficient and pleasant active transport route that would take cars off the road by making it easy for people to walk or cycle between Sutherland and the Cronulla CBD. This promise was made by the NSW Transport Minister and Shire MP's in 2015.

They are breaking this promise with a changed route that is no longer alongside the rail corridor. The new route is along busy roads, including The Kingsway. It crosses 27 intersecting streets and hundreds of driveways, adding to congestion in busy shopping precincts and making it dangerous and inefficient to use. There is no longer a direct connection to the Cronulla CBD as the new route finishes at Gannons Rd.

The State Government has committed $710 million dollars to active transport over the next 4 years and less than $24 million has been spent for the first year. A high-quality active transport link was promised to help fix traffic on our roads caused by a rapid rise in residential housing in the Shire. This new route will be a HUGE waste of taxpayer money as it does not provide a safe and efficient alternative to driving.  

Please sign this petition to tell our Local MPs and NSW Transport Minister to keep their promise and put the route back alongside the rail corridor.  Residents of the Shire deserve an enjoyable, safe, useful and efficient spine to our active transport network, for the wellbeing and health of our residents now and into the future.

Thank you.


Watch this video to see some of the dangerous impediments along the new proposed SCATL route and read this article from Bicycle NSW for their analysis and route recommendations.

For more information and history of this infrastructure project please visit the Sutherland Shire Environment Centre's SCATL website.

737 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!