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Petitioning Vulcan Materials Community Relations and 2 others

We Didn't Want Carroll Canyon in Mira Mesa, San Diego to Be a Quarry, and We Don't Want It to Become Stone Creek Development

    In Mira Mesa a planning subgroup was created for the Stone Creek development proposal:

    The land owner is Vulcan Materials, the mining enterprise behind the controversial Black Marsh Farms Mine in "a sensitive environmental area:"

Vulcan will mine approximately 372 acres of Albert Wachtmeister's tree nursery farm along the scenic Rappahannock River. The Caroline County Planning Commission project rejection doesn't matter:

    Vulcan and the operations it acquired in Carroll Canyon affected the flood channel:

One expects sand and gravel mining to degrade wildlife habitat, pollute water, and contribute to erosion and ground instability. Construction would bring traffic, noise, and pollution for months.

    Like I've said for other neighborhoods, there's plenty of housing and commercial property available in Mira Mesa:

Letter to
Vulcan Materials Community Relations
Mira Mesa Town Council Planning Group Chair Bari Vaz
Mira Mesa Town Council President Ted Brengel
We, the undersigned, don't want Stone Creek or more perturbation or development in Carroll Canyon. We don't trust the Vulcan Materials environmental sustainability judgement after the Black Marsh Farms Mine:

We don't want to spend great resources addressing the potential flooding hazard that this development could create, as in Mission Valley:

We don't want to add more noise, traffic, and pollution with project construction.
We want to leave the canyon as is and that Vulcan Materials invent more sustainable projects. Thank you for your time.

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