We deserve better

We deserve better

17 September 2022
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Started by Karabo Unknown

We deserve better as hostel children

  1. We have raised our voice seeking for better food but we were ignored
  2. We complained about the food that we recieved which is sometimes not fresh and we were still ignored
  3. We complained about the showers which we have to put plastics around just for the water to come directly to your body
  4. We complained about the toilets which are not hygienic and not in good condition
  5. In one of the boys blocks the cealing fell and it has not been given any attention what so ever, which is dangerous
  6. One of the girls block spent a whole month showering with cold water, please bear in mind that it was cold in the morning
  7. During the winter season some blocks ran out of water, to be specific it's "block h" that suffered the most.
  8. The plugs in the blocks are constantly falling which inconveniences learners who have to iron their uniform
  9. We do understand that we are minors but all we ask for is a little respect from the wardens
  10. Some wardens are not patient and do not know how to work with children
  11. They always find something new to fix at school but they always ignore issues at the hostel
  12. We are treated like prisoners at the hostel. We are not given any freedom what so ever, for example we can't go out on walks
  13. We only have one washing machine which supports more than one hundred learners. This causes conflict among learners.
  14. We have to pay money to be taken to the mall, please bear in mind that it is a walking distance and some learners don't have money.
  15. They keeping complaning about petrol but continue to waste it on walking distance trips
  16. The windows are in poor condition, learners can feel the cold breeze even when the windows are closed.
  17. Sometimes we are given food that is spoiled and are expected to eat it beacuse it's called "wasting if we don't eat it."
  18. Sometimes  we are forced to go to school even when we haven't taken a bath because there is no water. They say " no one will know"
  19. A warden physically abused two learners, accusing them of something they had no knowledge of
  20.  Some wardens fail to hide that they are disgusted by our presence
  21. They say "the hostel is your second home",but we dont receive that love
  22. There are far more reasons that can be argued about how we are treated as hostel learners.
  23. All we ask for is to be treated like decent human beings hence our parents work hard to pay for the hostel fees...
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Signatures: 19Next Goal: 25
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