We demand to stop the unjustified rise in prices for games and the rudeness of developers

We demand to stop the unjustified rise in prices for games and the rudeness of developers

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Автор: Alexander Gusev

We demand to stop the unjustified rise in prices for games and the rudeness of developers in attitude of the gaming community.

The world gaming industry began to develope activetly since the 90s of the last century. The most active phase of its development began with the arrival of the NES. Happy owners of consoles of those years could immerse themselves in the world of interactive reality with a sense of complete pleasure and satisfaction. Now it is 2021 and it can be objectively stated that the gaming industry has turned from creating exciting story games, providing high-quality, affordable service and respect for players towards total profit, monetization and a boorish attitude towards the gaming community.

After 30 years of systematic development, game developers and platform holders chose the path of George Orwell's "Animal Farm", where pigs took control of the farm, and the rest of the farm's inhabitants began to represent only the "milking community" used by the bunch "Pig managers" for enrichment without the right to vote, criticism and choice.


Over the past five years, prices for "B" class games for consoles and PCs have been growing exponentially. The gaming community is simply confronted with the fact that the cost has grown by $ 10 and then has risen by $ 15, by $ 20 So today prices for "B" class games on PS, XBOX, PC reach $ 60.

At the same time, for a long period, high-budget games, for example, for consoles and PCs, were sold for $ 60 Sony, Microsoft, Take-Two said it was time to raise the price of games to the $ 70 mark. They noted that development costs doubled with each generation of consoles. At
the same time, in Europe and in the West (where the headquarters of the developers are located), prices for energy resources, renting offices and equipment for creating the same games "hold" at the same level for decades, or grow very slowly, and the toolkit for creating games every year more accessible. Moreover, some developers have begun to use neural networks,
making the creation of games even less expensive every year.

Accordingly, the uncontrolled rise in prices for games is a banal desire to get rich at the expense of the players.

Also, companies do not talk about income from games, although over the past 10-15 years they have grown up to 10 times. For example, some large developers have quarterly revenue in excess of $ 1 billion.

Platform holders are a separate caste that "chops off" money from the gaming community. There are many overpriced games sold online. We often see large-budget AAA projects and downright banal games. Moreover, their costs are the same. So, Back 4 Blood is coming out soon. The standard edition costs $ 60 A non-AAA game with next-generation flawless graphics. It has already received many unapproved reviews and does not correspond to
the level, for example, GTA or Sony and Microsoft exclusives, it is not even on the level of Call of Duty and Battlefield. The game has already announced DLC and battle pass. The question is - what is $ 60 for?!

Previously, many games were created with a soul, and people who love to play video games, made unique IP for the same fans. The developers watched and knew which game mechanics are worthy and will be liked by the community, and which are not. Thanks to this, there are series: GTA, Metal Gear Solid, Heavy Rain, The Last of Us and others. For such projects,
players are ready to pay $ 60.

We also pay attention to the "editions" of video games: standard, deluxe, ultimate and others. This is a special type of taking money from players. However, the purchase of the standard edition of the single-player game does not guarantee the receipt of the "complete" version. Game content is cut from the standard edition for the following “editions” of the game:
deluxe and ultimate. It is also a tool for manipulation and unreasonable "siphoning" of money from players.

Regional price tags and localization

There are a number of countries in the world with a serious economic crisis. Many players simply cannot buy the game - the "price tag" sometimes takes 1/3 or 1/4 of their earnings.
For example, in Russia there are several platform developers who take into account the situation and make concessions on some games (Steam, Epic Games, Bethesda). They try to set regional prices. The bulk, in the pursuit of super-profits, persistently ignores this.
The giants Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are especially cynical about the players in Russia. For example, in the Russian segment of the Steam service for PC, regional prices have long been introduced. At the same time, the cost of the same games for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo consoles is often 2-2.5 and even 3 times higher than for PCs.

With regards to localization, today small development studios do the full localization of games into many languages, and large studios often ignore this. For example, GTA or Red Dead Redemption 2 only has subtitles, Final Fantasy 15 had full localization, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake doesn't even have subtitles. At the same time, Russian is on the 3rd place in popularity
on Steam after English and Chinese. This approach does not allow you to completely immerse yourself in the exciting game worlds - they have a lot of "action" scenes, because of which it is impossible to keep track of the subtitles. And, accordingly, the interest in passing these games


Developers and platform holders release and release games for sale:
a) do not meet the declared system requirements;
b) simply unworkable.
Examples are the disastrous Cyber Punk 2077 from CD Project RED, the development of BioWare - Anthem, which came out without much of the originally promised content and inadvertently turns off the PlayStation 4 console during the game. Electronic Arts and BioWare promised to fix everything and give players Anthem 2.0. As a result, the project was canceled,
and no one returned the money for Anthem. At the same time, the project was with the promised support for many years from Electronic Arts. Hello Games is a rare exception, releasing the scandalous No Man’s Sky, they brought it to the promised state in 5 years and did not take a dime from the players for their “failures”.Also the clearest example of the "inappropriate" games of the last two years is the series.
Call of Duty (Modern Warfare and Warzone) games from Activision. For example, the Russian division of Blizzard "feeds" them to the gaming community in the Russian Federation. First of all, the developer's declared minimum system requirements for Modern Warfare (in
particular, Intel Core i3-4340, 8 GB RAM, video card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 670 2 GB) did not correspond to reality. The game is not optimized for the above requirements - it starts, but it causes the PC to "freeze" almost every minute and often force a restart. At the same time, when contacting Blizzard with a request for a refund due to the sale initially poor quality product (!!!) -
money was not returned. In a response letter from Blizzard, it was reported that the player allegedly "spent more than 2-3 hours in the game", so the money "will not be refunded." At the same time, the user did not play, and all this time he tried to unsuccessfully adjust the performance of the game in the settings (when the game was released, they did not work correctly). Blizzard did not accept claims for quality and sent players to Activision.
In addition, now it's the 6th season of Warzone, where there is still no "anti-cheat" system (as was stated by the developers themselves (!!!)), and the number of "bugs", "lags" and others problems affecting the performance of the game can be discussed for hours. Objections from the gaming community and all claims are simply ignored. Moreover, when writing posts
about the current situation on the official Battle.net forum (Blizzard), the accounts of the authors of such posts were blocked for an average of 1 month. With the correct expression of dissatisfaction with the Blizzard service and the demand for a refund for an initially low-quality product (in the case of Modern Warfare), the account of the author of the post on the forum
was blocked forever.
According to the Russian writer Sergei Dovlatov, boorishness is rudness, impudence and insolence multiplied by impunity. And it is precisely in impunity that the whole point is, in the deliberate feeling of impunity, non-jurisdiction of actions, in the helplessness of the victim - that is, in the helplessness of every player who turns to Blizzard. Of course, this is just one company that personifies a vivid example of rudeness in the gaming industry in relation to the gaming community. Almost all "gaming giants" demonstrate a similar attitude towards players today.


The trend in recent years is that developers are aiming at monetization. The plot and quality of games are on the second and third roles. Games are “stamped” with one goal in mind - to take more money from players. The priority is "donations", seasonal passes and "battle passes". Pay to win is a concept a priority for developers. Activision \ Blizzard, Electronic Arts,
Ubisoft are among the leaders in transforming quality games into "donation pumps".
Bungie and their famous Destiny are also examples. The game was released back in 2014 By 2016, with the release of Rise of Iron, it has changed dramatically. Destiny 2 was released in 2017, selling for $ 60 After a while, add-ons to the game began to appear - Forsaken, Shadowkeep and Beyond Light. At the same time, with the release of Beyond Light, Bungie all
content of the first year - planets, missions and everything that players previously paid for was removed. Bungie did not return money to players for deleted content. At the same time, the company went further and introduced "deadlines" for the passage - if the player wants to get all the game content for which he has already paid, he will have to "speed up". A Battle Pass has
appeared in the game - if during the season the player did not have time to complete missions or "get" unique equipment, then all this content disappears forever. In addition, Bungie recently announced that it will once again remove player-paid content from Forsaken with the release of
its major new expansion, The Witch Queen. Nobody will return the money for the goods, which were again simply taken away from the players. The benefit for the company is clear - why make a full-fledged Destiny 3 with new mechanics, if it is profitable to “churn out” simple add-ons on the old engine and sell them to fans. Players are definitely forced to spend money on upgrades again as old content is being removed. Siphoning millions of dollars from the gaming community, Bungie is still unable to provide dedicated servers for in-game PvP content using the obsolete
peer-to-peer principle.


Unfortunately, Sony has come close to the five greedy leaders, which 10-12 years ago, not without the help of PlayStation fans, escaped bankruptcy. PlayStation has a huge army of fans, they were satisfied with the policy and course of development of the PS3 and PS4, the forced introduction of PS Plus for the network mode. It was a strong gaming brand with the most powerful exclusive games without donation pumps.
With the release of the PS5, Sony decided to give a damn about its loyal fans. The company launched the PS Plus collection for PS5 owners only, showing that PS4 owners are not worthy of this collection of games. PlayStation exclusives began coming to PC, with the companyreassuring fans for years that the exclusives would remain within the platform. Moreover, the
price of standard editions of crossgen games for PS5 designated $ 70 Why PlayStation decided to charge fans $ 70 for games that also come out on PS4 for $ 60 (without the possibility of a free upgrade of the version of the game to PS5) is not clear. There is no additional game content in the PS5 versions. The question arises, why do we have to pay extra for simple graphics settings
in PS5 games (for comparison, the graphics settings option on PC is free)? A good question, which the gaming community today simply has no right to (remember Orwell's "Animal Farm").
In addition, PlayStation fans have been waiting for the new Killzone and Resistance for a long time, but Sony is apparently not interested in making first-person shooters. PlayStation's development path has changed so much that the company is already looking for a monetization officer for the online game Naughty Dog. Before that, there were no games with a "donation
Also, the PlayStation Now subscription service is not available in many countries around the
world ...

The gaming community requires:
Platform holders:
1 - platform holders must graded game prices and not allow games to be sold in CyberPunk
2077, Anthem. (Disable 1-day patches!)
2 - to introduce regional prices for games, taking into account the peculiarities of the economic
development of each country where the product is sold.
3 - to extend the period of use of the game with the possibility of a refund on all platforms and
4 - to cancel of time restrictions on the return of funds in cases of non-compliance with the
stated minimum system requirements for the proper performance of the game.
5 - to maintain a rating system of ratings from customers in stores on all platforms.
6 - to cancel $ 70 for “next generation” consoles (graphics customization option is free on PC)
1 - to cancel donate system in singleplayer games.
2 - to remove the time frame for seasonal battle passes and season passes for people who
bought them.
3 - create a full localization into the language for the countries where the product is sold.

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