Reinstate Brighton and Hove District Labour Party

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Update on Brighton and Hove District Labour Party

Firstly a massive thank you to everyone who signed and shared this petition over night, we have gathered close to 1,300 signatures in the matter of only a few hours. Secondly more information is coming to light that on one hand make the situation appear worse, on the other better. We have had confirmation from the NEC that the meeting question took place before the meeting ban had even been introduced. They retrospectively decided to suspend the District Party, which covers 3 constituencies and is the largest group in terms of membership in the country. This is clearly much worse than first feared as to retrospectively ban meetings is even more extreme than their stance on banning meetings of the Party altogether. However, the NEC has said this will not affect any member in this group ability to vote in the leadership election. I'd like to think that was the case, but the #chickencoup on the NEC might change their mind on that by tomorrow if we let this issue drop. So please don't let those who have stolen our Party get away with it, keep reminding people we are Labour.

James Craigie
5 years ago