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Demand the Resignation of RIT Roorkee's Director and Actions against all those responsible

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"The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."   —Albert Einstein

I want you all to remember this quote as you read the rest of the petition.

We all are aware of the ongoing situation in Roorkee Institute of Technology. The callous attitude and lack of impetus shown by the administration have angered us all, and rightly so. I'm talking about the incident that took place on the morning of 15th July. Our friend, Ibrahim Diaby Muhammed, was beaten and dragged out of college premise by not just 2 or 3 people but by 30 men. Why did the college felt the need to hire 30 men? He is just a student, not a wild beast. Benjamin, Ibrahim's friend, tried to shield Ibrahim from the onslaught. Both Benjamin & Ibrahim was hospitalized after this incident.

Videos of the incident .WARNING! The video might upset some of the viewers. ———>

The actions undertaken by the college authority seems not just cruel but inhumane and

condemnable to the fullest. 
We as the students of the college and more so as fellow human beings demand and deserve justice.

This is not a single incident. The director & administration has shown tremendous disregard of students in the past over and over again. They have contributed to a culture of ignorance paired with the exploitation of the students for monetary gain and has a history of being incompetent and authoritarian. The administration has not even offered any apology or shown remorse (although we think it is too late for that to matter )

I understand some of you might think to yourself- "What difference does a single signature make? "  I'll answer that question with the only thing I know best- is by quoting a famous person.

" If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito"
                                           – Dalai Lama

The College authorities hope that the outrage will subside within a few weeks or at most in a month. And unfortunately, they might be correct. But we, the students, should utilise the passion, the emotion, and use this opportunity to push for a change. We demand the immediate resignation of the Director, Dr Parag Jain. We also demand an immediate enquiry of the situation and all those involved be held responsible( warden, faculties, management)

Again, some of you might be pessimistic about it, and you'll be right to be so. Even I'm afraid this petition might not result in any resignation or any enquiry or even an apology.
But the least we can do is take the first step and proclaim them that I had enough, that we had enough. And if that haven't convinced you, I hope another quote will.

"To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, and be nothing."
            – Elbert Hubbard 


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