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We demand the Prime Minister of Pakistan to arrest Abdul Aziz (of Lal Masjid) and the Supreme court of Pakistan to put Abdul Aziz on trial for treason and terrorism!

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Abdul Aziz, claiming to be an Islamic scholar, is the 'Khateeb' of Lal Masjid in Islamabad. After the tragedy of the Peshawar Attack, instead of outright condemnation of the TTP, he has tried to justify it by saying it is a reaction by the TTP to the Army operation and for not enforcing Shariah law in Pakistan. He has also condemned the Operation 'Zarb-e-Azb' on Live TV!

Previously, he has been linked to many extremist groups in Pakistan, is known for his extremist and anti-Pakistan agenda. He has, on many occasions, refused to accept the constitution of Pakistan, and does not even have the basic common sense, (let alone knowledge!) about differentiating between the constitution, criminal and civil legislation, and the Islamic Shariah! He is known for his hate speeches against the state of Pakistan and its armed forces.

We, as patriotic Pakistanis, demand that the Govt of Pakistan arrest this traitor and put him on trial for treason, for spreading hatred and fueling extremism. How is such an extremist who has refused to accept the constitution of Pakistan, walking freely in our own capital?

He has not only committed crimes against the state of Pakistan, but against humanity. We demand the Govt of Pakistan and the judiciary to do their job, by punishing criminals like Abdul Aziz, and protecting the people of Pakistan. We urge our Govt and Judiciary to put a stop to this madness, to hang all traitors and extremists, before we have to bury any more of our children. We have lost 60,000 lives to these people, what else is required for our institutions to do what they are meant to be doing? How many more of us have to die before extremists like Abdul Aziz will be tried and punished by our judicial system?

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